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Dance for a Difference (Funtavia)

Get ready for a fun night filled with live music, good food and drink, singing and dancing… Dance for a Difference is here again Geraldton!

Dance for a Difference is a social event aimed at giving an opportunity for young adults with disabilities to sing, dance and mingle with other members of the community.

Our last event was a smash hit with over 60 attendees and this year, we’re bringing it to the highly anticipated Fringe World Festival right here in Geraldton, Funtavia.

Dance like no one’s watching – let’s connect our community for the better!

This is a FREE event!

Please RSVP via Eventbrite>

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Funtavia Pop-up Sand Bar_Kym Jefferies

Geraldton Fringe Festival Attracts Thousands

Who knew that what started out as just a small idea by two Geraldton locals would grow into Geraldton’s largest performing arts festival? Funtavia Festival Producers (and Pollinators Coworkers) Jodi Reilly and Julian Canny stood back in awe on Saturday night as the 2,400th patron walked through the Funtavia gates to experience Geraldton’s Fringe World […]

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January Social Meetup – Funtavia

This Social Meetup will be “Funtavia – themed” to celebrate the highly anticipated and exciting festival coming to Geraldton as part of Fringe World. For more information on this awesome event and the laughable lineup, visit their website and come along to this Social Meetup! Funtavia will take place over 3 jam-packed days – 8th, 9th & 10th of February in 2018.

About Social Meetups:

Pollinators host one Social Meetup each month that bring together inspiring topics and guests in compelling conversations. We attract thinkers, doers, innovators and creators around a topic of interest, and combine with good food, drink, venues and facilitation to create amazing experiences. Any presentations are time limited, focusing more time on discussion, debate, and networking.

How to Participate:

  • Register:
    – Free for Members and RSVP via Podio.
    – Non-members pay $10 and RSVP at
  • Enjoy the Food:
    – This social meetup we will catering
  • Bring money for drinks:
    The CityHive Hosts runs the CityHive Bar stocked with beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Be open:
    Be prepared to connect, collaborate and get creative, and share ideas, knowledge and insights.

Please RSVP for catering purposes!

If you are interested in presenting at one of our social meetups or know someone who might be, please let us know! Email

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