Program guide

How are your ideas and innovations progressing?

Is your team using proven tools and methods to generate ideas, test, invest, implement and grow the benefits of your innovations?

What are the risks of trying to innovate on your own, without support?

We aim provide services proven to help next and existing ventures:

  • overcome challenges,
  • identify new opportunities,
  • implement new ideas,
  • create social and economic value, and
  • grow a better region.

Below is a guide to our learning programs and innovation services.

You can also download the guide: 160901_Innovation Services Menu_v1.

Our services are designed to reduce the risks of trying something new and increase the likelihood it will succeed. These innovation services are tested in the Mid West and proven to grow good ideas to become viable commercial ventures or sustained social changes.

Our approach to innovation and learning is flexible: we aim to meet all the needs across the diverse sectors & stages of ventures. When advising you on the best support, we consider: the stage of your idea or venture, your sector or target market, available time and resources, and how valuable confidentiality or collaboration are to you.

For more info, contact an Innovation Facilitator on (08) 9965 5371 or

Stages of growth for an innovation.

Stages of growth for an innovation.



Innovation Stage

Time commitment


1 – > 2 : Challenges or Ideas

1-2 hours

Innovation and collaboration sessions for small groups, perfect for team lunchbreaks. We facilitate idea generation, then bring a focus to testing and iteration. They can be facilitated with your organisation or group, or as open sessions in our coworking space.


1 – > 2 : Challenges or Ideas

8 hours

One-day innovation acceleration sessions. The quickest way to move an idea forward or identify best options to deal with challenges. In one day we facilitate: idea generation, prototyping, market validation and pitching the final product or service.


3 -> 5 : Developing to Delivering

6 days over 3 mths

Get serious and turn an idea into a live venture through fortnightly sessions October to December. Suitable for all types of innovations, this program will help you refine your vision, improve the business model, and deliver a plan and pitch to investors.


5 – > 6 : Delivering to Growing

1.5 hrs / fortnight

Increase your operational efficiency and grow revenue and professional networks through Flock. Mentors, peer accountability and expert facilitation means you can go further, faster, together. Like group training at the gym: innovation is a team sport.


6 : Growing and Scaling


Pilot investment-readiness program for high-growth potential ventures with a track record i.e. $250k-$2million turnover. Groundswell we will support a very limited number of ventures to prepare for and pitch on 9th December to suitable investors.


1 – > 6 : All stages

3-4 hours

Half-day sessions within organisations, or facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration on around a single challenge or opportunity. Workshops are bespoke, using appropriate tools and processes to generate, test, or firm up the case for an innovation. Our Swarms are multi-stakeholder examples of workshops.


1 – > 6 : All stages


Use proven tools to de-risk innovation and make it a core part of your culture and standard business practice. This set of tools, templates, process maps and case studies are designed to guide you to along every stage of an innovation process.