CityHive Coworker Policies

This page has explanations and links to download the policies and procedures that apply to coworkers at CityHive.

CityHive Services Policy

This policy outlines the services that are provided to CityHive coworkers, and what is and isn’t included. For example, it clarifies what hosts will and won’t do, how much printing you can do before it incurs a charge, what parking access is etc.

Download CityHive Services Policy

CityHive Code of Conduct

This code of conduct outlines the rules and regulations that implys to coworkers when in and outside the building.

Download CityHive Coworker Code of Conduct

CityHive Coworker Opening and Closing Procedure

This document sets out the steps and responsibilities of Tenants using CityHive outside of Hosting Hours. 

Download CityHive Coworker Opening and Closing Procedure

CityHive use of Alarm

Step by step procedure on entering and leaving the building

Download CityHive Alarm Procedures

CityHive Key Policy

To ensure all CityHive Tenants follow all required steps and are aware of all the responsibilities and implications of having key access to CityHive outside its usual open hours. It is also to demonstrate the ramifications and actions that need to be taken if the Key Policy is not followed. 

Download CityHive Key Policy

CityHive use and setup for Printers

This document shows step by step instructions on how to get connected to our printers.

Download CityHive use and setup of Printers

CityHive Cleaning Policy and Info

CityHive is a shared working space and requires cooperation and consideration from all users in order to function. We invite you to help keep the place clean, minimise costs and ensure you and your guests have a great experience everytime. 

Download CityHive Cleaning Policy and Info