Masters IT

Masters IT- Venture profile

  1. What is your venture?

We solve your problems and create solutions. Our expertise ranges from IT through to data management and customised websites to enable your business.

2. What’s inspired your work?

After speaking with business owners in Geraldton, it’s evident that technology often isn’t being used to its full potential.

Whether it’s backup solutions to prevent worst-case disasters or utilisation of web and cloud technologies, there’s a gap between what’s needed and what currently exists in many Geraldton businesses.

Our mission is to ensure clients are safe and up to date with current technologies to benefit their business.

3. What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

Find those organisations that need help to ensure their information is safe and that their systems are efficient and effective in advancing their business through the following services:

Data Management

Website Development

Business System Architecture

4. How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

You can talk to us on 08 9900 9955 or email for any enquiries.

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