Pollinators Board 2016 Business Planning Session

Pollinators Business Planning for 2016 and Beyond

Post authored by Paul Dyer, Pollinators Chairperson.

In mid-January I and other Directors and staff met to progress works commenced twelve months ago on developing a Strategic Business Plan for the organisation.

We have been generously supported in this work by Pracsys, with Jason McFarlane facilitating the most recent session. The work with Pracsys and Jason builds on the Pollinators past and current ‘Strategies’ by translating mission, values and aspirations into cashflow forecasts, governance models and even into the detail of specific behaviours expected of staff, Directors and members.

All of this work has been informed by our previous evaluations, member feedback, and consultation with key partners. Through those consultations and collaborations it became clear there are four Strategic Themes we need to address in any business plan to achieve our Vision:

  1. A sustainable leadership model;
  2. Pollinators value propositions for existing and future communities of interest;
  3. A sustainable business model for Pollinators that includes resourcing ongoing innovation, experimentation and growth;
  4. Clarity on the role and methods for Pollinators to enable positive disruption and transformation within the Midwest and regional Australia,

During this process, we’ve reviewed different social enterprise models and how they hinder or help an organisation’s ability sustain itself financially while growing its social impact. And, just like we advise participants in our Catalyst program to do, we looked in-depth at what ‘levers’ we can use for greatest effect in influencing positive change.

Leverage Points by Donella Meadows

Leverage Points by Donella Meadows

I know the Board, particularly newer Directors, have found this work beneficial in reinforcing Pollinators origins, what we are doing well and not so well, and in refocusing us on what the Board can, and must do, to ensure the organisation users all its available resources to successfully achieve its Vision and Mission.

It is the Boards intention to complete this work soon and make it available to members and partners at our 2016 AGM. True to our ethos, we’re always making changes to reflect our learning and will be testing those changes with members over coming weeks and months.

If you have any queries about this work, please get in touch with me via Podio, Email chair[at] or contact any of the other Staff or Directors.


Paul Dyer

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