6 ways you can create a more lively Geraldton before Christmas

There are some great opportunities and a lot of energy for creating a more vibrant city centre in Geraldton at the moment:

  • Council’s vibrancy strategy is a great guiding document,
  • Our city centre is already home to some world-class urban art, award-winning cultural institutions like the WA Museum, creative local retailers and cafes and recreational opportunities,
  • Pollinators has facilitated the “Livening up the Laneways” project and training in CoDesign to increase the spaces available and skills of practitioners, and
  • Over coming months Pollinators will be collaborating with the City of Greater Geraldton, ACDC and MWCCI to to support an even more ‘vibrant’  city centre.

There are half a dozen upcoming events and opportunities if you’re interested in some creative social action over the next 2-3 months:

1. There’s up to $5000 available for arts and creative projects to be created in November this year. They need to coincide with the “Luminous Dreams” event being generously supported by the University of Western Australia.  You can find more details of the funding on the QPT website.

Dreamy Tree by Tim Walker

2. Seasonal (Christmas) decorations and activities are being planned as part of a $100,000 project by the City of Greater Geraldton to achieve social and economic outcomes in the city centre. Council has designed a range of activities and events. You can see how that money is planned on being spent in this document. There’s some opportunities to contribute to those decorations or events: EOIs for decorating lanterns have already been announced (details here), and further announcements are on the way about large-scale recycled arts projects.

3. Markets are also being planned at Swansea Lane and Post Office Lane for 5th and 19th December. While the decision by Council to start coordinating markets has  has caused a little bit of confusion and friction with existing stakeholders and market coordinators it seems that’s what’s happening. You can read the recent statement sent out by Council staff here but the summary is that the dates are the 5th December in the ‘West End’ around Swansea Lane and 19th December around Post Office Lane in the central part of Marine Terrace. If you want to be a smallholder, performer or are a retailer you can contact Seirah Mace on 9956 6628.

December 6 - Christmas on the Terrace

4. There’s talk of a “Geraldton Urban Explorer” app to be developed and project funding is being sought. Pollinators facilitated collaboration between local artists, private business owners and community groups that resulted in a dozen art pieces, learning events and markets in the last 12 months, many of them now permanent and much-loved features in the CBD. Two opportunities are coming up: one is to apply for some further funding to expand the project in a way encourages art not tagging, through the State Goverment. The second is to create a new smartphone app that will enable locals and visitors to tour the CBD accompanied by an audio and visual ‘guide’ to the secret spaces, urban art and invisible stories. If you’re interested in either of these projects the Pollinators is the go-to organisation. Do you want to make this happen? Join Pollinators for a lunchtime discussion on 23rd October.


5. Swansea Lane will be getting a make-over, and you’re invited to help. Thanks to the support of Lotterywest, Pollinators have funding to create an amazing outdoors space in Swansea Lane. Whether its green walls, milk crate cafe, or an inspired approach to creating shade, we’re looking for someone to lead the creative design and practical implementation of a space that resonates with the theme of ‘play‘. If you’re interested in contributing, get in touch.

Pollinators Laneway_FINAL concept drawing_compressed

6. Pop-up spaces are still available. Pollinators has a wonderful opportunity for a local artist, entrepreneur or community group to access affordable space in the old Railway Station (where the Sunday markets are held). There will be a fee, but the space is available  until 31st January. We prefer a community, creative and social use more than a pure for-profit enterprise, but don’t let that stop you dropping us a line if you are a jeweller, artist or craftsperson looking for some space. Whether you want it for a week or 3 months, please tell us what you need and your concept in a few words and we’ll progress it from there. Just email with your idea or concept.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

If you like these opportunities and want to see more of them, then please consider supporting Pollinators Inc by becoming a member. We’re leading on advocacy, cross-sector collaboration and funding applications to create a more vibrant CBD. We work in partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton, MWCCI, ACDC, our members, retailers and other community organisations and together are committed to creating a more vibrant, attractive, safe, and sustainable city centre for all.

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